Fine and creative cuisine

Group 5

Discovering the menu bistronomic

Nicolas Coutand, Chef de Cuisine, offers you a light and fragrant meal. This menu is served at lunchtime only, except at weekends and on public holidays. It changes very regularly, so that you can take full advantage of the fresh seasonal produce.


Broom menu

Candied egg yolk, corn and tarragon.


Back from the fish market, juices from a Daube, smoked butter and fennel.


Pineapple-banana and sake.

A few sweet treats.

Menu served for the whole table only.


33 euros starter, main course or main course and dessert.

39 euros Starter, main course and dessert.


Service included. Meat of French origin




 "Disguisestation like the big boys!

                                                                                     Children's menu (up to 10 years)


                                                           22 : Estarter, main course, dessert. 9