Fine and creative cuisine

Group 5

Discovering the menu gastronomic

Getting started

Some salty appetizers


Sardines à la flamme, carrot-combava and chorizo.  

Grilled green asparagus, green tea and shellfish.


Direct from the boats, onion, spinach and celery milk.


Farmhouse duck from the Vendée, cauliflower and hazelnut paste.



Matured cheese plates, herbs and sour fruit. (Supplement of 12 euros)



Kiwi, sesame and wasabi.


Chocolate and liquorice.



Some sweet treats

Rates :

98€ Full menu - With wines 148 €

76 € Starter, fish, meat, dessert - With wine 116€

Service included. Meat of French origin

"Tasting like a grown-up!

                                                                                Children's menu (up to 10 years)

                                                         22 : Entrée,plat,dessert